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Central States BVD Testing Lab

Bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV or BVD) is a costly and difficult to contain disease that suppresses a cow's immune system, making cattle susceptible to infection. CST opened in 2005 in response to research conducted by BVDV expert, Dr. Bill Hessman, and others. This research, published in the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, provides significant evidence that BVD testing improves health and performance of cattle. BVD management programs are a cost-effective tool to control the spread of the disease, and gives an added marketing advantage to sell PI free cattle.

Central States Testing provides individual sample ACE tests (Antigen Capture ELISA) for all sectors of the cattle industry. CST has earned the respect and trust of cattle producers, veterinarians, pharmaceutical companies and researchers because of our dedication to the development of diagnostics and strategies used to increase profitability of beef and dairy producers. We have been actively involved in research from both a diagnostic and production standpoint. As advocates for the health and wellbeing of cattle, CST remains committed to utilizing the best and most accurate techniques for identifying sources from which BVD exposure occurs. Controlling exposure is the most effective way of eliminating the devastation that it can have on cattle health. Eliminate the risk of BVD-PI in animals by testing and removing.

CST is now providing blood pregnancy testing for our clients. Animals more than 28 days pregnant can be accurately identified with a single blood sample.

CST can provide you with all supplies necessary for testing. While CST will work directly with the producer we prefer to do this in cooperation with your consulting veterinarian.

Providing: Bovine Viral Diarrhea Testing, Ear Notch PI Testing, PCR Testing, Blood Pregnancy testing and test kits.